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Glitter Lambs, bless my soul!

on February 6, 2014

Jesus Is My Sweet Heart!

Jesus Is My Sweet Heart!

Today I’m featuring a magnificent glitter topper thanks to indie polish owner/maker, Jamie, from Glitter Lambs Cosmetics. I was immediately drawn to “Jesus Is My Sweet Heart”. It’s simply put, a bottle of joy and blessing. Jamie and her daughter, Kara, started the beauty cosmetic website from doing reviews of makeup and polish. It’s just the girly thing to do! She was drawn to glitter toppers and found she wanted unique combinations not easily found in stores. She then opened her amazing store in September of 2013. Jamie is a lot like me. If you can work from home and spend more time with your family, well that is a win-win situation. I also read that she runs a children’s ministry website at She’s a busy lady and talented to boot! She’s a woman after my own heart and a bold witness for Christ. It’s no wonder I chose my first bottle with that in mind.

Jesus Is My Sweet Heart glitter polish in a clear base, is seriously blessed with a plethora of goodies. It contains holographic white glitters that colorshift to pink. It contains a healthy helping of purple, white, pink and blue hearts, silver and pink flakies, and pink and lavender hexis. Every time I look at it in the bottle, it seems to change. You won’t need to go fishing here. Every little treasure within seems to multiply on your brush…like the loaves and fishes. 😉

This bottle has got heart!

This bottle has got heart!

I painted one solitary coat of this beauty over a single coat of Pink Waterfall by Orly. You can paint it over any pastel, but this one popped out at me. Seriously, you could get full coverage with 2-3 coats on it’s own. I’m kind of thinking the next time I’m going to try it over a pastel yellow. Gorgeous! It is 3-free and created with love.


Run do not walk over to Jamie and Kara’s and social networks and web sites:


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