Manis and lacquers

RubyWhiteTips is BRILLIANT!


I am compelled to sing the praises of RubyWhiteTips at, and shout to all within earshot, “These multichromes are amazing!” Granted, I did receive them as a giveaway prize from Kristi of BeginNails at And I’m cool with that. LOL


The first swatch I did after receiving this nail mail yesterday was P wagon (I shortened the name for G-rated reasons ;-)). It is from RWT’s owner, Laura Toff’s Kill Bill collection. Seen here, I used three coats for depth, but you certainly could use it over a variety of undercoats such as black, deep rose, or whatever floats your wagon! Indoors on a dreary day it shade shifts from shimmery rose, to rose gold, nude shimmer to gray. then I got in the car and sun came out and they were more like a peachy gold in one angle. Then rose gold in another. It’s a wonder I didn’t get into a wreck!

The formula went on smooth and silky and dried QUICK. It took no time to brush on all three coats. So streaking, no cuticle flooding. Perfection. The only reason I’m taking it off tomorrow is I’m dying to see what the other four beauties look like.


I included here some different angle hand shots taken in a light box. So hard to capture all the shade shifts unless you take a video.


The top photo are all four bottles I received with the other three waiting in the wings to be swatched. From left, Clutzy, aptly named after a mishap Laura had while mixing this gorgeous concoction. It’s a micro shimmery mix of purply, bluish, pinky blinky yumminess! I can’t wait to try her over black, white, deep blue and purple as well as all by her lonesome.

Center bottom is Better Call Saul from one of six of the Breaking Bad collection. I don’t watch the show but I’d imagine from what I’ve seen of the TV previews, any one of the characters could inspire a number of shades! BCS is what I would call a nudey shade shifter. I literally had to put this under a magnifying glass to see just what micro shimmers dwelt in this pale yet complex broth. My eyes saw pink or magenta, teal/blue, rose gold and silver teeny tiny micro shimmers held by a silver nude pearlescent base. This is what helps it transform with every movement of your fingers. I know this is going to be one of my summer faves, especially on my toes.

In back of course is P Wagon which I’ve already attemtped to describe!

Lastly on the right is Cleptomaniac from the Breaking Bad collection. The is aptly name because one look and it will steal your heart. It’s blue, it’s purple, it’s violet, it’s got magenta flashes of light. It’s like a bioluminescent creature, lighting up every digit it rests upon. I’m a sucker for purple anything so getting this daring diva was a huge score.

Do yourself a favor and check out Kristi’s blog, Then mosey on over to RubyWhiteTips’s store at and grab a few bottles from her stunning collections. On a sidenote, Laura is trying to raise money for a good cause, Pretty cool huh? Keep your eye on my blog for upcoming swatches of some pretty amazing lacquers!


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