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There’s Sand in My Bikini

on February 2, 2014

There's Sand in My Bikini

Yes, you heard correctly, and I’m not ashamed 😉 Today’s mani really surprised me. Claire’s little boutique shops are always fun to browse and pick up trendy items such as jewelry, accessories and some makeup items. I’ve been prowling the isles since finding out they carried nail polish. A quite impressive collection I might add.

Here we have a great textured glitter polish in Bikini. Two coats with no base or top coat and you’re done. It glides on nicely and not too thick considering how packed it is with “Sand” and glitter. This shade is a soft, feminine pink, and I think it will look striking with a tan this summer. I’ve tried these before and I can tell you they wear well, but not quite as well as Zoya’s Pixie Dust or OPI’s Liquid Sand. But no worries. I rarely go more than two days without swapping manis. The texture once dried, and they dry fast, are slightly grittier than other mainstream brands. These retail for $4.50 in the US and $5 in Canada. But I always seem to luck out and catch their BOGO sales.

Coming soon, I’ll be swatching and reviewing Bikini’s brother, Tidal Wave. Such an appealing blue you’ll be dreaming of summer days at the ocean, with plenty of Sand to go ’round.


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