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Hooked on Sweet Hook

Hooked on Sweet Hooked

Even though we are still in the icy grip of winter, my eyes have turned toward the springy shades that abound on nail polish racks. It’s no secret, I don’t do winter! I do love the warm and vampy colors of the cold season. But I’m ready to put those to bed.

Naturally I embrace all shades of Spring and Summer. I’m a sucker for all variations of lavenders, orchids and purples. When I saw Sweet Hook by China Glaze on that Sally’s Beauty polish rack, I knew it had to come home with me. Today I was pondering what my NOTD should be. And since we are expecting yet another winter blast this week, the rebel in me, sitting on my left shoulder whispered, “…go with that spring shade. You know you want to…” So here we are! I paired her with a French tip look using Zoya’s Stevie Pixie Dust. Then added a little fimo butterfly…or “flutterby” as my niece used to say when she was little! 🙂

Fresh and made with love

Fresh and made with love

Remember that old jingle? “Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven.” Well, here ya go! Imagine standing outside a Cinnabon shop, the scent of freshly baked cinnamon buns wafts through the crisp morning air. Yeah, you know that smell. It’s enough to make any fitness guru weak in the knees. You cave and dash inside and your better judgement goes out the window. Two hot cinnamon buns…with butter and fresh ground coffee, coming right up!

Warm and toasty, and it smells oh so good!

Warm and toasty, and it smells oh so good!

Now that I have your attention, imagine that delicious scent on your nails! Jamie at Glitter Lambs has artfully created such a wondrous thing for you. Cinnamon Bun is here for your sniffing pleasure. Or, if you prefer a non-scented version you can order it without, it’s still gorgeous. It’s in a clear base full of different shades of brown hexagon glitters, white hexagon glitters, and white holographic glitters.
Love love love these glitters! The scent is divine.

Love love love these glitters! The scent is divine.

Jamie’s polishes are 5-free and custom blended, carefully packaged and shipped right to your door. Find yourself some of her awesome creations here at

Strawberry Sundae that changes color? Say what?!

Strawberry Sundae that changes color? Say what?!

Ahh, FINALLY strawberry season! Well, sort of. I love fresh strawberries, so why not wear it on your nails? Add to that one that changes color. This blushing beauty is pink when its warm and Purple when its cold! This polish simply put, is LOADED with glitter.

No, your eyes are deceiving you. Same polish, different temp!

No, your eyes are deceiving you. Same polish, different temp!

This delicious bottle serves up TONS of glitters in pinks, blue, yellows, reds, lavenders and white in various sizes and shapes. How fun is that?!
All purply when it's cold!

All purply when it’s cold!

You can experience this sweet delight by ordering yours from Jamie today at Tell her I sent ya for dessert 😉

Such a Cutie Patooty!


What a gorgeous pink! “Cutie” was the first polish offered by Glitter Lambs and it is phenominal. It’s a brilliant shimmery pink, without being in your face neon. No glitters needed here, it’s pretty enough to stand on it’s own. And I must mention the formula is so easy to work with. Two coats and your done.



I paired it here with Glitter Lambs Strawberry Sundae on the accent nail, one coat over a coat of Cutie. I am in love with this one!

Order yours today from

Zoya Cosmo is like 100 prisms on every finger

Zoya Cosmo is like 100 prisms on every finger

Here is the first of my three new Magical Pixie Dusts from Zoya and it’s out of this world! Now, since mine just came in the mail the other day after waiting for them over a month, I have to say…YES, they were worth the wait. I try so hard to not be an early adopter, but I didn’t want to wait until these sparkling gems hit Ulta’s shelves. (spanks hand) 😉

I still have to try the other two in this Spring 2014 collection, Vega (soft baby blue yet blingy), and Lux, the soft pink with the same amazing features as it’s sisters. I am pretty sure I was prepared for a chunkier experience compared to the other Pixie Dusts, because of what I’ve read. And I own nearly all of them (which I bought with my own cheddar!). I wasn’t however prepared to have my breath removed from my body in one blast upon opening the precariously thin shipping box that Zoya is so famous for. I’ve been praying they would arrive in one piece after such a long wait.

Zoya describes Cosmo as a silver crystal sparkle. I heartily echo that description. They also tout the new spring line with having “mega hex iridescent particles”. I agree, but I think they should have added a disclaimer that you need a bit, just a tad, more patience in applying. Once you put on a thin coat on all ten, by the time you get back to #1 it will be dry. Nice! Then the second coat is the challenge, but maybe it’s just me. And yeah, all you need is two coats. Three would be overkill and it would look like you dipped your fingers in a sparkly vat of extra thick concrete. The result though is nothing short of…magical! Oh my goodness, it’s blindingly bright in the sunshine and should probably come with a warning from the DMV, “Do not stare at nails while driving, it could be hazardous to your health.” If I could describe this jewel in one sentence, I’d have to say it’s like having 100 prisms on ever finger. It’s texured, it’s sparkly, it’s holographic and yes Zoya, it truly IS “Amped Up”! I LOVE all three. One other thing. You know I love me some textured polishes. Such time savers! These are a bit rougher than what I’m used to. So even though Zoya recommends you don’t need base or top coats, and I don’t on the others, I did apply a thin coat of Seche Vite top coat to this. It’s still textured, shine didn’t change, but it just feels smoother. I’d say this is pretty much how I’ll do the others.

Also, you may want to skip wearing this in shark infested waters. I hear they are attracted to shiny things 🙂

I purchased this with my own money.

Glitter Lambs’ sweet surprise

Glitter Lambs' sweet surprise

Here are two more amazing creations from Jamie at Glitter Lambs Polish. Get this…this decadent polish, Banana Split, smells like a banana split, for real! I could smell it right through the package as I took it out of the mailbox. At first it had me worried. I was afraid maybe something broke during shipping. But everything was in tact and all the bottles were in perfect shape, and beautiful to behold!

Macro shot if Banana Split

Macro shot of Banana Split

I opted for a yellow undie, the color of a banana peel, and a chocolate brown on the accent, because I LOVE chocolate ice cream with bananas.

Scented or non scented Banana Split, your choice!

Scented or non scented Banana Split, your choice!

It has a clear base with very pastel matte yellow hexies? It also has white hexies like whip cream and red hexies representing the cherries, plus white holographic glitter. It’s a delicious combination with so many possibilities. Banana Split is now available for preorder! Use their coupon code HEART15 on $30.00 or more to get 15% off on ALL OF Glitter Lambs POLISHES. Tell Jamie I sent ya!

Next I give you, Cool Whip. And although it’s not scented, it’s a creamy bottle of goodness, and no calories ;-).

Creamy dreamy Cool Whip

Creamy dreamy Cool Whip

I painted this vision in white over a pastel mint. One coat of this topper and you’ll ooh and ahh just like I did!

Cool Whip goes with everything!

Cool Whip goes with everything!

This stunner is in a clear base filled with holographic white glitter that shifts to pink, White Stars, White Hearts, Silver Dots which I love and really sets this one apart, White Shreds, and very tiny white hex glitter. The whole combo is a delicate masterpiece!

Cool Whip up close!

Cool Whip up close!

I’ve got more coming so stay tuned. And head on over to Glitter Lambs Polish and tell Jamie I sent ya! Find her wonderful creations at