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I ❤️RED!

This has been the craziest winter for weird weather. I live in Southwest Missouri and yesterday, January 26, it was a sunny 68 degrees. That was weird enough. We woke this morning to 14! Well, like they say around here…if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute. LOL when this California native gets cold, she slows down like a slug on sandpaper. 😉 I kid you not, as much as I love doing my nails, I even get a tad lazy in that arena.

Last night I tried my hand at a dotting design. I’ve been watching the hugely talented Nicole, aka, youngwildandpolished of YouTube fame. She recently uploaded a great tutorial on dotting manis, and she’s a master dotter! I’m improving, but last night’s attempt was not photo worthy. (Hangs head in shame). The colors were so pretty too. I used four new lovely pastels from Pure Ice. Watch for it here, after I take another stab at it.

After last night’s disappointing paint job, I decided to try something a little less challenging, yet stunning. I needed to give my Zoya reds a little love so I chose ruby red Sarah. She’s a a brilliant true ruby with the most gorgeous red and gold glass flecks. It glides on so nice which for red, you’ll wonder why you ever put it off. It really is a jewel.

I accented my ring finger with my fave Zoya Pixie Dust, Tomoko. In my humble opinion, if you’re going to dot a pixie, dot with a pixie! I chose Chyna for the job. I know, this mani didn’t take a rocket scientist to accomplish the task. But give me a break. It’s cold outside and besides, I’m trying to get some ideas for some Valentines manis. What kinds of lovey dovey designs do you like? Pinks, reds, both? Let me know. Stay warm folks. 😘


Comments on: "I ❤️RED!" (2)

  1. darkntwistynails said:

    I love me a red nail and this is gorgeous!
    Luckily Tomoko and Chyna are coming my way, so I can try this dotticure for myself!

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