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I fixed a couple of flops!

I’m not sure where to begin. About a month ago I was shopping the usual polish rack at Rue21. This franchise has some gorgeous in-house lacquers and I have quite a few of them. Most of my Pink Ice by Rue21 stash are glitters or the sandy textured beauties called Glitter Dust. They are amazing and just about the glitziest textures I’ve found. But I digress. Then there’s the pitiful Whimsical by Revlon. Read on about these two abysmal formulas and how I saved them from doom.

The beachy aqua mint you see here really jumped out at me and screamed, “hey beach girl, I’ve got your name written all over me!” Heh, I say, “ney, ney”. No name, as is typical of many of the Pink Ice line…just 031. Sigh. Ok, you ARE gorgeous and I’ve seen this exact shade in our crystal clear waters on the Florida Gulf Coast. SOLD! Today was Day One of our love/hate relationship.

Warning: 031 does not like base coat, lil stinker. She’s highly pigmented, to a fault. Streaky as H.E. Double hockey sticks! Okay, you win, no base coat. I think maybe because she is so pigmented this cream can’t handle anything underneath? What a diva. Even after removing the bc, I still needed to apply two thin coats with a light hand sort of like you have to do with heavily spectraflaired holos. And it’s got a good enough gloss factor but short of adding a third coat, I made up my mind to top her. My, I DO love this shade though. Enough to keep me from pitching her overboard.

Enter, Revlon in Whimsical. Well, well. Aren’t you the little Indie wannabe? Beautiful in the bottle, this crelly has just enough glitters shining through to suck you in quicker than a mermaid in search of a sailor. But super sheer on her own, this sea star can’t deliver…on her own. She’s a pale sea foam green mint as well as I can describe her. And I’ve never seen a waterier formula in my life. But the small hex glitters in pale copper and blue, the tiny fragmented flakies and micro glitters of blue and pink…just…hypnotized…WAKEUP! πŸ˜‰ Yeah, it’s like that. If there’s such a thing as mermaids, and they cried tears, this is what it would look like. I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it by itself but as a topper she’s a keeper. Seriously, it would take five coats to come anywhere close to opaque. No way I’d even try that. Revlon, what were you thinking? If you want to replicate Indie quality, you’d better step up your game. Still, she topped 031 beautifully!

Being the frugal lacquer collector that I am, I can’t stand the thought of throwing any marginally useful bottle away. So when life hands you flops, you make them into flip flops! LOL I see this mani on my digits for the next trip to our vacation home.


Comments on: "I fixed a couple of flops!" (2)

  1. darkntwistynails said:

    I just love the way you write!
    This combo is gorgeous, but I wil never wear a polish without a base coat, I stained my nails enough to last me 10 lifetimes!

    Have you tried a water based base coat? Nfu Oh has a great one, it also works underneath those pesky holo’s.

  2. Well thank you dear! I do love to write πŸ™‚

    I think I gave in to 031’s whims because I knew it would be removed in a day or two LOL. I also think the base coat I’ve been using since last summer, one by Ulta, is not the best. I’ve been getting some staining which sort of surprised me since I change manis so often. I did a light sanding yesterday then used my good ole shammy buffer. That being said, I think the next time I have to “de-stain” I’ll use my daughter’s method. She used to be a nail tech and she uses a tablet of denture stain remover in about 1/4 cup warm water, soak for 10-15 minutes. Hey, if it works on coffee stained dentures, why not?!

    I will check out the water based base coats. I’m so ready to switch, thanks!

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