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Thank you to Ulta for my birthday present! I may not be a power buyer at Ulta but it’s nice that they remembered my birthday month (I’m a card carrying member) with a nice gift! I got an email a short while ago with a coupon for a free high end mascara by CK One (an $18 value)!

I never spend more than $9 or $10 on mascara and I’ve just recently discovered a new fave, The Rocket by Maybelline. I LOVE everything about The Rocket. The formula, fantastic. The brush, perfect for top and bottom lashes. Which is a big issue for someone with smallish eyes but long lashes. It’s a big deal to me to not get mascara all over my skin when applying. The Rocket’s brush immediately curls my lashes with 0 effort. I’m hoping, but beggars can’t be choosers, that this CK masacara will be just as impressive. I’m just jazzed to have gotten it for free.

The rest of my mini haul involved all three polishes for $4.99 ea (on sale) plus I received a thank you coupon from Ulta for $5 off $10+ purchase. So, I basically paid $10 for these three. If I’d bought them at full price, I’d have had to pay about $14 for the SpaRitual Intuition (this is my first) and one I’ve been drooling over for months; the Zoya Pixie Dusts (this one is Dhara) are $10ea and the OPI Liquid Sands (this one is What Wizardry is This?) are $10 ea. So, $34 full price for those three and $18 mascara = value of $52, all for $10. Happy birthday to me! 😉

Gorgeous gold infused sparkle in this OPI Liquid Sand.

Gorgeous gold infused sparkle in this OPI Liquid Sand.

I might mention I can thank Nicole from the Youtube channel, youngwildandpolished, for suggesting this Liquid Sand. I saw it was one of her Top Ten polishes for 2013 and the swatch was so amazing, it immediately made my wish list. Then I saw it for $4.99…heck yeah! Thanks Nicole. You little lacquer vixen you!


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