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My First Time tag

Thank you to the lovely Youtuber, Christy Allysen at 52weeksofbeauty for tagging me for the “My First Time” tag. I love keeping up with this sweet lady’s life and get so much from her beauty videos. Check her out! Love you Christy! I don’t really do public YouTube videos (because mine would likely be boring and sporadic)! Lol But I DO have a blog so here goes. If you’d like me to tag you, let me know!

1. Do you still talk to your first love?
No, I have no idea where he is. He was a tool anyway! Lol

2. What was your first drink?
Literally? LOL formula! As an adult, wine.

3. What was your first job?
Cleaning hotel rooms. Ugh

4. What was your first car?
My brother gave me a non-working 1966 Sunbeam Alpine. I never drove it though.

5. Who was the first person to text you today?
Shock of all Shocks! I haven’t gotten one yet! I usually get dozens a day from at least a couple of my kids. What’s this world coming to? πŸ˜‰

6. Who was the first person you thought of this morning?
My hubby. He’s had a bad cold all week.

7. Who was your first grade teacher?
Mrs. Smith. She was an older woman and the most I can remember about her is her getting mad at a student and lifting him up by his shirt and slamming him against a locker!

8. First airplane to?
Salt Lake City, Utah. My Cousins lived there. I was 10.

9. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk?
Sharon Sharp DeKnoop and yes! I searched for her via my high school’s alumni page and found her about 12 years ago. I had moved to the Midwest from California and she moved to Washington state. She’s now in South Dakota. We keep up with each other through Facebook. We are both still married to our first and only husbands!

10. Where was your first sleepover?
My first sleepover was at my house in Fremont, California. I was always the last one to go to sleep!

11. Who was the first person you talked to today?
My hubby. He’s been working from home all week.

12. Whose wedding were you in for the first time?
The only wedding I’ve been in, sort of, was as a photographer. I’ve photographed about five, pro bono. πŸ˜’

13. What was the first thing you did this morning?
Look at the time.

14. First concert?
The Allman Brothers with Black Sabbath as the opening act. Yeah, it was the 70s. In case you ask…No I didn’t smoke weird things. Yes, it was heavy in the air. No, my folks thought I went ice skating with girlfriends. Yes, it was with a boyfriend, Bob Mccan. No, he wasn’t a druggie! Lol no, Ozzie didn’t bite the head off of anything. Yes, it was loud as we were up front at the auditorium in Oakland, California.

15. First broken bone?
I broke my toe and had to have surgery on it about 8 years ago.

16. First piercing?
I was engaged, 1973, self piercing earrings. I was 18.

17. First foreign country?
Mexico. When it was safer, my folks took us there to Tijuana to shop.

18. First movie?
That we went out to as kids? We went to the drivein and as far as I can remember, it was a Disney film. I haven’t got a clue! I just remember loving the hamburgers, Bonbons, popcorn and Flicks chocolate candy drops in those metallic foil tubes.

19. First detention?
Never got detention.

20. First Roomie?
My hubby I guess. I didn’t go to regular college.

21. What is something you would learn if you had the chance?
Portuguese. My dad’s family was from there.

22. What were the first lessons you ever took?
Organ. I wasn’t very good.

23. Who was the first beauty related person on YouTube you ever watched?
HairGirl247! I had just started getting into hair extensions.

24. What was your first tweet?
I can’t remember. I’m not into it much.

25. What was your first YouTube video?
A video of my cat. She’s such a diva! Lol

26. What is your Facebook profile pic?
It’s of me kissing my hubby on the cheek.

27. First YouTube video?
See 25? πŸ˜‰

28. First person you subscribed to on YouTube?
My son, Nathan. He’s into drifting and RC cars.

Well that was fun! Please comment below if you’re a Youtuber or blogger and want to play this tag. If you do, let me know!


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