Colorizing your world, one digit at a time

A Zoya name game

I wanted to first give my Instagram sisters a chance to guess what I had on my fingers and what person’s name I was referring. That was about an hour ago and still no answers. I guess I’m dating myself?! Lol

Anyway, I was trying to decide which Zoya Pixie Dust I wanted to wear and it occurred to me I hadn’t swatched my Stevie yet. It was sitting right next to my pale blue Nyx and BAM! A poetic revelation slammed me with something so obvious I had to pinch myself. If you’re not familiar with music from the 70s, you won’t get it.

I posted a riddle on Instagram with a photo of my mani. I said, “she whirls and twirls, golden is her hair. She’s a gypsy.” Then another clue. “Stand back, and you better stop dragging her heart around.” 😉 now I’m giving away too much! Guess it yet? If you know and love the colors of Zoya’s Pixie Dusts, you’d know I was talking about the two colors, lavender Stevie and pale blue Nyx. Stevie…Nyx = Stevie Nicks!

I always loved the Fleetwood Mac singer and I got a kick out of watching her videos. All dressed in layers of feminine flowing skirts of lace and satin. I even saw her in concert back in the 80s. She was not on her game though. I guess it was an off night. Still, her voice was strong and raspy and unique.

Well, time to run back to Instagram and see if I have a winner! Chances are, she will be at least 30+ years old.


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