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Winters Fresh

I found a really fun nail art challenge today on Instagram. I’m in no way an expert in nail art…actually I’m a total noob. But it looked interesting and I needed an excuse to try a polish I purchased back in early Fall.

I can’t think of anything fresher than a Fresh mani using Revlon Parfumerie in Wintermint! By the way, I’ve found that Wintermint may be an unintended mildly textured lacquer. I’m totally fine with that and it smells awesome! I included a sprig of mint on my thumbnail and dots on my ring finger, compliments of Ncole by OPI in Candid Cameron.

Thanks to user @lalalovenailart, her Instagram post announcing a Californails January Nail Art Challenge (“The Totally Doable I Have A Life! Challenge”) LOL I love it! (By @californails). Tag @nailartjan.

For Jan. 03, Fresh is the subject. Challenges to follow will be on the 6th Sparkles, 9th Pattern, 11th Pastel Blue, 14th Nature, 16th Gradient, 19th Sweets, 22nd Studs, 25th Match OOTD, 28th Re-Creation, and the 31st Silver.

I’m not sure I can accomplish all of these. No, I will say I won’t even try, but I may manage a few more! It’s a great way to break into your untried bottles.


Comments on: "Wintery Fresh" (2)

  1. Fun! I love the colour combo – very wintergreen.

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