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Glossy goodness

I’ve been sitting on Revlon’s Parfumarie’s Wild Violets for about a month now. Why have I waited so long? Ask any collector and she’ll tell you something like, “…so many polishes, so little time…” This glossy bottle of violets was worth the wait. Here it is in all it’s glossy goodness.

I’m so happy that the formula is so smooth and easy to work with. Because for all the effort Revlon put into the adorable bottles, formula and scents, it seems to me they’d have tried a bit harder to improve their brush. It’s a tad narrow for my liking. Maybe I’m a little spoiled by so many of Sally Hansen’s brushes. But I’ll let it slide this time. Because so far I’ve loved every Parfumarie shade I’ve tried.

The scent is soft and feminine and I love it! The shade is a deep plumb and almost a crelly formula. Nearly opaque in one coat if you’re careful. But two is necessary thanks to the narrow brush. I just can’t get over how glossy this is!

The accent nail is the Wild Violets topcoated by Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Wedding Crasher and dotted with Zoya Tomoko.


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