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All Lit Up

Can you believe it? How is it I’ve gone this long without one bottle of Seche Nail Lacquer in my collection?

While perusing my local Ulta I was looking to take advantage of some great BOGOs, use my $5 off coupon along with my points. I’m all about buy one get one free sales. That’s how I collect. I managed to walk away with a bottle of Zoya (the gorgeous jelly, Katherine) and two bottles of Seche for a total of $11!

It was hard to decide which two bottles to purchase from the 2013 Holiday collection, Gracious and Kind. It’s probably a good thing there weren’t more choices. I’m so drawn to reds this season and All Lit Up, seen here, was screaming, “take me home”! She’s a heart-stopping garnet red foil teaming with red shimmer and a dash of gold shimmer. The gold seems to be more evident in the bottle than on the nail. But maybe this is on purpose. Because after the lacquer hits the nail, the result is a rich red foil with TONS of gloss and shine. It is thick but the brush makes it manageable. I felt like I had to work quickly with this because it is on the thick side. And it wants to dry quickly. It does self correct so that’s a relief. Warning, since she does dry to a touchable non-tacky state in short order, you’ll be fooled to thick your mani is immediately invinceable. No, no no! A quick jab from any object will dent this tricky formula so do wait at least 10 minute to dig through your purse. Although it’s glossy as heck, I recommend a topcoat just for preserving her in all her glory.

The other Seche that made the bag is called Collected Moments. I’m a sucker for golden fingertips. This polish is a soft foil gold, neither cool or warm. But just right. I probably have some near dupes but that’s okay. I have many uses for all of them.

Seche’s 2013 Holiday Gracious and Kind collection includes: Warm Hearted, deep red cream; Gracious & Kind, a gold glittered fuchsia shimmer; All Lit Up, a rich garnet shimmer infused with gold; Nostalgic, a sort of warm violet shimmer; Collected Moments, a soft gold foil shimmer; and Sparkle, Clink, Kiss, a shimmery gold with an assortment of reddish pink foil glitters. (It reminds me of Sinful Colors’ Gilded)

What are your experiences with Seche colors? I hear they have good staying power. For me, three days is good enough because I’m constantly changing my mani.

The delicate yet sparkly golden accents you see here are from Zoya’s Tomoko. Sheesh, it’s a good thing I have two bottles of that stuff. I tend to use it a lot!


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  1. Jaime Smith said:

    Pretty pretty! Love a good deal!

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