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I love Sparklies!

Well, it’s Mani Mondays again and today’s theme is Sparkle. That’s right up my alley and yes, sometimes a pain to remove but so worth it.

I nearly finished my Christmas shopping today which is why I’m so behind but better late than never. Recently I discovered some pretty sweet textures at Rue21. The brilliant blue is full of glitter and I do mean this baby is packed. The deep royal blue base seems like a jelly to me, and it’s beauty is enhanced by the silver glitter within.

This polish, aptly is aptly named, “Sparkle”. It is pretty thick to apply but you’ll only need two coats. She’s really glossy for a textured lacquer, but I love the results.

The super shiny silver on my accent nail is named “Ice Princess”. Absolutely loaded with multiple sizes of silver glitters, her texture is a lot grittier but it’s blindingly shiney! The Princess is in a clear base and is surprisingly sheer on application. You’ll want three coats alone, or you can get by with one over a metallic silver base.

These Glitter Dusts wear well and are bargain priced at $3.99. However…every time I’ve shopped for polish at Rue21 I’ve picked them up for 2/$5! Not too bad for a full size bottle.

Rue21 also carries some gorgeous jelly and crelly glitter and matte glitter combos. Who can pass up those prices?! If you have a Rue21 at your mall, it’s most definitely worth checking out.


Comments on: "I love Sparklies!" (1)

  1. Jaime Smith said:

    I love blue and silver together!!

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