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When in Chrome

Last week I posted a review about Claire’s amazing duochrome in Chromance. Read it here:

Like it’s blue/purple counterpart, When in Chrome, is a stunning duochrome that shifts from a shimmery medium green to a soft shimmery pink. It’s a very unexpected combination but is quite captivating on the nail. Although it is also labeled as a Holographic, it really isn’t. There are no holographic sparkles either scattered or linear so I would classify this as a mislabel. The Chromance had a trace of holo sparkles.

The formula was smooth, yet sheer on first coat. I used three coats as shown here. Two would have been nearly opaque but I could still see through the free edge. Drying time was fairly quick. I didn’t use a topcoat here but I’d recommend doing so. The more layers of When in Chrome you add, the more striking the color shift. I think this shade would be a brilliant base for any holiday nail art creation! Adding pink accent jewels would really put the icing on this this mani. Not pictured here but for fun I put one coat of China Glaze Travel in Colour over my ring finger for an accent. It’s an iridescent holographic topper that transforms any base color from “meh” to “WOW”! Not that it needed it, but you know how it is. Always trying to glam it up. 😉

Like it? I’d love for you to comment below and let me know your thoughts on duochromes and Claire’s branded polishes.

I bought both bottles at Claires during a BOGO…yay me! LOL And by the way, the butterfly was the perfect prop and it made me think of my new Instagram buddy and fellow polish collector, @thepolishedbutterfly!


Comments on: "When in Chrome ;-)" (2)

  1. Butterfly prop!!! Love it! Either I am losing it or it is flipping snowing on your blog! That is awesome!! Looks like I need to take my behind to Claire’s and try some polish!

  2. Yes, I was looking for a prop and I saw that on my shelf. Perfect color! Yes it is snowing! I noticed the prompt to turn on the snow on WordPress pages. I thought, cheeyah! Lol it will do that until Jan. 4th. Must be Flash though because it doesn’t snow on my iPad, just my desktop computer.

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