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Jennifer from Shimmer Polish

I cannot say enough good things about Shimmer. Cindy from the indie nail polish company, Shimmer Polish, sent me this breathtaking glitter polish from their long line of shimmery lacquers. The California-based founder states on her Etsy site that she loves nail polish and she has an addiction. Boy can I relate to that! Her creations are full of shimmers, glitters and holos enough to please any polish addict. These beauties are named in honor of friends that inspired the virtual rainbow of choices that await you at . From what I read, she is also starting to take custom orders. Imagine having your own shades and combinations for a wedding or any other special event. Brilliant!

The bottle I received today is called Jennifer. I don’t know who you are Jennifer but you must be truly lovely inside and out! Now I am a beach girl from the word, “GO”! For some reason the glitters and sparkle held within this generous bottle of wonder remind me of colors I’ve seen while snorkeling the reefs in the Bahamas. When I pulled out the bottle from the package, I was immediately in love.

The description of this selection is simply, “Light Blue Pastels”. But look closer and you’ll see something more. To begin with, the clear base holds a ton of tiny blue micro glitter, along with what looks to my old eyes, lavender/pink and silver glitters. Then Cindy loaded it down with tiny holo glitters, plus aqua and silver. The crowning touch was the addition of medium size hexis in a gorgeous copper, silver and even black. The black really gives it dimension, and it’s just enough to give it some edge. The copper hexis give this stunner its soft side.

1 Coat over Zoya Julie

I painted one test nail with an undercoat of Zoya’s Julie (a very pale lavender/silver shimmer). It seemed like a good fit. Then I painted one coat, then two over that as you can see in the photos. One thin coat lets anything show through, but it was not hard at all to glide plenty of sparkle over the base color. Then with a second coat, Jennifer was very nearly opaque. Depending on your technique with sparkly lacquers, you could easily get full opacity with 2-3 coats. Even on a bare naked nail as also indicated here. On the naked nail, I used only two coats and I cannot see my nail!

2 coats over Julie

2 Coats on bare nail

2 coats on bare nail in the sun!

I was surprised at how smooth this jewel is after drying, which is about fast to medium time. Cindy suggests using top coat to help protect your Shimmery mani. And believe me, the glossy base is shiny as well. I’m dying to give Karina a go. My goodness, this vampy blingy red is so juicy…well, go over to Shimmer Polish and see!

You can shop for Shimmer Polish at these sites: for blog for giveaways for store

At this time, the .5 fl oz bottles are $12ea and customs are $15ea. And she takes Paypal, Perfect!

Just in time for Christmas, you’ll definitely want to head over to shop for that special someone. Anyone on your list that loves to get their “shimmer” on, would love a bottle or three of Shimmer Polishes!


Comments on: "“Shimmer” me timbers!" (4)

  1. Oh this looks pretty! Very nice!!!

  2. I love it! I was most pleased with how smooth it is after dry. Not gritty at all.

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