The Villains are here!


Thanks to a Walgreens sale, I present a review and swatches of the e.l.f. 12 Piece Nail Polish Set, Villains, compliments of the Disney branding. I have mixed feelings about each item but that’s okay. I have solutions for each of the less than exciting bottle! All live swatches shown are two coats. All were painted without base coat or top coat because I wanted you to see any flaws these shades might have. The package touted fast drying time, but that depends on the shade. All 12 brushes were decent in length, plenty wide enough and not one was wonky. The brush handles were a tad awkward for me but I’m rather spoiled with full size bottles. I can’t predict how long each shade may last as this was only a swatch test. So here goes!

Pot of Gold, Cranberry & Thunderstorm.

Pot of Gold, Cranberry & Thunderstorm.

• Evil Queen set (from Disney’s Snow White) includes Pot of Gold, Cranberry and Thunderstorm.

Pot of Gold was one of the smoothest formulas. It went on easy, no cuticle flooding issues and it dried plenty fast enough. A very pretty gold shade, but a shiny clear top coat will make it perfect. Dry time was fast.

Cranberry…hmm. So much potential here. Color is really vampy and lush. I’d recommend a smoothing base coat under this. I like Gelous under problem formulas. I’d probably use a shiny top coat as well. The formula was sort of inconsistent but will finish out nicely with help. Dry time was medium.

I really like Thunderstorm and honestly, in the bottle it didn’t excite me. But wow, it looks great on the nail. I don’t own any shades like this but I will now. This murky cream is brooding and mysterious. It will be excellent for a base color under glitter toppers like silver, gunmetal, bronze or gold. The finish is semi dull so you’ll need a topcoat for sure. It went on smoothly. Dry time was medium.

Nude, Smokin Hot and Smokey Brown.

Nude, Smokin Hot and Smokey Brown.

• Cruella De Vil set (from Disney’s 101 Dalmations) includes Nude, Smokin Hot and Smokey Brown.

Nude, yuck! I’m not really into Nudes unless they are sheer, jelly or shaded. This cream went on a bit streaky but the second coat fixes that. It’s the color I can’t get past. It looks like the color of silly putty, or the stuff you put on poison ivy. Shudder! And it was dull to boot. I’d only use this as a base under something else. Dry time was slow. Two thumbs down.

I love Smokin Hot! It totally redeems the Cruella set. It went on smooth but slightly thin so watch for flooding. It had the highest shine of the whole box. The color is reminiscent of a fresh picked apple and was lovely on my winter pale skin. I’d totally buy a full size bottle of this beauty. Dry time was fast.

Smokey brown really surprised me. I only have a couple other browns in my collection. In the bottle it’s kind of intriguing. This brown looks better on my nail than I thought. And I can see it this cream topped nicely with any gold or copper topper! Application was easy. Dry time is average.

Bubble Gum Pink, Mad Mauve and Gina Girl.

Bubble Gum Pink, Mad Mauve and Gina Girl.

• Maleficent set (from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) includes Bubble Gum Pink, Mad Mauve and Gina Girl.

Bubble gum Pink is well, pink. It’s a cream medium pink with a good amount of pigment. It dries dull, not matte, so you’ll need a top coat. It’s ok, but pretty boring. Dry time is average.

Mad Mauve went on somewhat smooth, and the streaking worked itself out. It dries dull as well so you’ll need a shiny top coat. I never, ever buy mauve polish. It just looks old school and although I’m a young(ish) grandma, I avoid mauve like the plague! But you know, this one is sort of smoky and it looks nice on my nail. Dry time is average.

Gina Girl…where do they get these names! I want to like this one. This is a glitter topper in a sheer gray jelly base. Don’t even bother making this opaque on its own. You could do well using this over a metallic like purple, black or even orange. The glitters within range from micro to small/medium round and hexies in purple, orange, green and silver. It’s a lovely combination, sort of gloopy but doable. I’m looking forward to pairing her with a metallic or duochrome. Dry time is average.

Mint Cream and Sea Escape and Coral Cream.

Mint Cream and Sea Escape and Coral Cream.

And last but not least…

• Ursula set (from Disney’s The Little Mermaid) Mint Cream and Sea Escape and Coral Cream.

The Mint Cream went on fairly smooth and any streaks fill out just fine. I sort of like it, but if have other “mints” in my collection that look nicer with my skin tone. It does not dry fast.

Sea Escape is pretty darn opaque but I always swatch two coats. It’s the darkest of the bunch. I don’t think the base is black but I’d call it inky. The blue super micro glitter is more like a crushed glitter, but not overloaded. I think with a shiny topcoat the sparkle will emerge nicely. It dries a bit on the gritty side, but not like a texture. Dries between medium and fast.

Coral cream is a pretty coral. It’s going to be very pretty with a tan this summer. It dries medium slow, and dull so you’ll have to top coat this one. If you wish, you could even matte this one for a nice effect. I’m thinking of doing a cleat coat droplet effect (the look of water droplets on matte) with this one this summer.

Verdict : So what do you think. Worth $10? I think if I had paid full price for the few I REALLY liked, I’d have taken the set back. But for $6, it’s a keeper. 50 cents a bottle! Each bottle is .2 oz and with many of these you’ll need a base coat and top coat. Here’s hoping they improve the next cube.


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