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Villain teaser

Since we are basically snowed in today I thought it might be a good chance to swatch and review this e.l.f. 12 Piece Nail Polish Set, compliments of the Disney branding. I’ve read mixed reviews and it seems to depend on the cube you end up with. Either way, I only had to pay $6 at Walgreens for 12 minis so…I win!

This beauty cube consists of 12, 3-free, Vitamin E infused formula. It boasts quick drying time, flawless revolutionary brush design and oh, no animal testing. We’ll see about that brush and formula claim and I will be totally frank. I bought this with my own $$ and as always, I give my unbiased opinion of how the product worked for me.

There may be variations in quality as I’ve said. There are a few colors in the set that I consider, “bugly”! I don’t like mauves in general, or peachy nudes if they look like the skin of a mannequin! But the formula may be spot on therefore they will be usefull as undies. (base color under more appealing paint)!

Each of the four villains lay claim to three shades in the set of 12.

• Evil Queen set (from Disney’s Snow White) includes Pot of Gold, Cranberry and Thunderstorm. I have a feeling these colors may be my favorites if the formulas test out.

• Cruella De Vil set (from Disney’s 101 Dalmations) includes Smokey Brown, Smokin Hot and Nude. Only the last one, Nude, looks yucky to me!

• Maleficent set (from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) includes Bubble Gum Pink, Mad Mauve and Gina Girl. Gina Girl looks pretty interesting.

• Ursula set (from Disney’s The Little Mermaid) includes Coral Dream, Mint Cream and Sea Escape. Sea Escape shows promise.

The cube is beautifully packaged. This being said I do wish they’d have taken the effort to develop unique shades specific (not from regular line) to each Disney villain. And would it have been that difficult to name each polish something more specific to the stories? Anyway, I’m just curious.

I’d love to see e.l.f. or any other cosmetic company follow suit with more mini cubes like this. The price is right, even for $10. It would be fun to see full sets from movies like Twilight (not just singles), A Christmas Story, Princess Bride, etc.

I hope to upload my reviews today through tonite. Each color set will be displayed on three nails for each villain. Four blog posts total.

Have you purchased this set? What did you think? Let me know!


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