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Claire's color shift magic!

Where do I begin? On a recent haul, I came upon a couple bottles of duochromes that stole my breath away. Not wanting to miss a great sale while at Claire’s, I grabbed the only two duos (actually labeled Holographic) in the store. They were stunning. No, perfection. The other one, “When in Chrome” which is pink/green, will be featured here soon. Here in the photo we have, “Chromance”. And I’m telling you, I’m in love! And this mani really does reflect how much cold and snow Winter Storm Cleon has brought us here in SW Missouri. We will have a foot of snow by the time is ends. With more coming this Sunday. But I digress…

Now you know no romance is without it’s little disagreements! As long as the result is stunning, I don’t mind the struggle. I first tried a coat over just a clear base. Uh oh, sheer. This bugger is going to take three coats! No worries, I painted a single coat of Revlon Parfumarie’s Surf Spray. It’s a chilly blue with purple shimmer so a perfect match under Chromance. Surf Spray is sheer too, but it was the perfect foundation under two coats of my duochrome.

I have to admit, I’ve been drooling over some color shifting duo and multichrome indie polishes. But it’s Christmas shopping season, so…you know. Claire’s polishes are pretty good and generally priced between $4.50 – $7.50 ea. I grabbed both these duos at a BOGO price, totaling a mere $6.80 for both. They are the strongest color shifter I now own!

Chromance shifts between stunning chromey purple and icy blue shades. It’s got more micro shimmer mixed in the it’s sister, When in Chrome, which seems to have a smoother silky finish. Warning, try to avoid staring at your nails while driving! Maybe wear some gloves! Lol

Here’s the only two downfalls of this polish’s formula. It’s sheer on the first coat. I hear it’s fun to experiment over black, nude and matching shades. Any of these will result in using fewer layers, thereby saving you from using it up too quickly. It’s always my luck that I find a favorite lacquer, then it’s discontinued! Second problem. How is it possible to be sheer, AND goopy at the same time? Well, I think I figured it out. I determined it’s the brush. Maybe it’s just this bottle. Once you get to the second coat it goes on nice. The next time I do this mani, I plan to use a coat of Gelous underneath, let dry then apply Chromance. Gelous is amazing for polishes with attitude! Regardless of the challenge, I am in love with this color. I really do need to grab a second bottle in case they quit stocking it.

Now, on to the accent nail. On the same haul, I visited Rue21. I heard the boutique had polishes, but I had no idea they had so many choices! Not only do they sell their own line, Pink Ice, but they have different collections, as well as a couple other brands. Ruby Wing! Yea! I’ll be getting some of that this Spring.

Rue21’s polishes come in crimes, shimmers, glitters and woohoo, sand textures! Some colors were sold out, but I managed to grab three of what they call, “Glitter Dust”. Cute square bottles. So chic! These sandy polishes are loaded with sparkle. The most I’ve seen in a textured polish. Yet they are smooth to the touch once dry, and they dry fast. I got the once you see here, Ice Princess, a frosty blue named Sparkle, and a soft pink called Glitter Girl. All three textures plus a gorgeous glitter stuffed with multiple sizes of blues and greens called “Ohh La La” came to $10.

I haven’t swatched the others yet, but this was surprisingly sheer on first coat. Trying to be frugal, I used a single, and I might say very opaque coat of Rimmel’s Precious Metal. It dries in less than 60 seconds too. Then a single coat of Ice Princess was all I needed over the silver undies! Viola.

Although I have a good lot of polishes, I’m still aware that my favorite colors may not be around by the time I use them up. So using undies, coat(s) underneath, is a great way to stretch your polish hoarding dollar. Then to protect my nails from overdrying, I try to avoid changing polish more than three times per week. Not to mention, but I am, my cuticles are horrendous in the winter. I did use some Burt’s Bees cuticle cream last night and it helped a lot. Now it’s on the table next to the bed. I promise to do it every night.

So much polish, so few fingers. Hey, I always have my toes to experiment on! 😉 Another way I get more bang for my mani buck is to embellish, glitter topcoat or do nail art on waning manicures.

How do you extend the life of your manis? Or do you just cave and wisk away the polish from your digits and move on to the next color? Any suggestions? Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

AND, duh duh duhhhhh! I finally got my Instagram back up and running. I cleared out all the old stuff and will now flood it with all things lacquer. I still plan to revisit the idea of an Instagram dedicated to our vacation condo in Florida, but that’s for another time. I’ve got a lot of uploading to do, so bear with me. You can find my very tiny Instagram here: Thank you to my youtube sis, Kathleen, from for reminding me that I NEED to get it up and running. It’s so nice to have fellow polish junkies to enable!


Comments on: "Claire’s color shift magic!" (2)

  1. This is really pretty. I am not sure why but I have never picked up a Clairs polish! Very glad to have you over on Instagram!!!

  2. Yes Jaime! Although Claire’s and Icing are sister stores, they have different polishes. However, I’ve ended up with exact dupes on a couple of their polishes between the two stores! Just in different bottles. Well, at least I have backups 😉

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