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Glossy goodness

Glossy goodness

I’ve been sitting on Revlon’s Parfumarie’s Wild Violets for about a month now. Why have I waited so long? Ask any collector and she’ll tell you something like, “…so many polishes, so little time…” This glossy bottle of violets was worth the wait. Here it is in all it’s glossy goodness.

I’m so happy that the formula is so smooth and easy to work with. Because for all the effort Revlon put into the adorable bottles, formula and scents, it seems to me they’d have tried a bit harder to improve their brush. It’s a tad narrow for my liking. Maybe I’m a little spoiled by so many of Sally Hansen’s brushes. But I’ll let it slide this time. Because so far I’ve loved every Parfumarie shade I’ve tried.

The scent is soft and feminine and I love it! The shade is a deep plumb and almost a crelly formula. Nearly opaque in one coat if you’re careful. But two is necessary thanks to the narrow brush. I just can’t get over how glossy this is!

The accent nail is the Wild Violets topcoated by Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Wedding Crasher and dotted with Zoya Tomoko.


Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all!

I’ll be a tad busy the next few days so my posts may be spotty. But I wanted to leave you with a Christmas greeting and a thank you to all my followers!

Today I’ll be baking up a storm and no telling what this mani will become 😉 I’m holding a ceramic Santa from a batch I crafted many December moons ago. With all the moves and all, it’s amazing these four guys have survived without a scratch.

My NOTD was created with Orly’s gorgeous scattered holo, Sparkling Garbage. Lol, what’s in a name? And the accent nail is the gorgeous gold, Collected Moments, from the 2013 holiday collection, Gracious and Kind. I topped her with a smattering of Decadent by Sinful Colors and Forever 21’s holo glitter topper, Silver/Sparkle. It was difficult to capture here but that finger is super flashy!

I hope you all have a very blessed and safe Christmas and New Year’s. God bless!


Thank you Hannah!

Thank you Hannah!

I won! Just wanted to thank my sweet Youtuber friend, Hannah of evebelievebeauty for her fabulous giveaway. The awesome gift box arrived! I love everything.

Hannah is a fairly new YouTube personality on the scene but after just one video I knew she’d be at the top of my list of the “ones to watch”. Hannah is the real deal. She’s a down to earth, girl next door, heart of gold person. Sometimes a rarity on YouTube so it’s so refreshing to watch Hannah glow about her massive nail polish collection. She’s a girl after my own heart. Her reviews are truthful and she really puts a lot of effort into what she does. She’s truly a delight!

Thanks again Hannah for the wonderful prizes from your 200-subscriber giveaway. You’ve already doubled your subbies and it’s all just upwards from here.

Hannah can also be found on Facebook at


All Lit Up

All Lit Up

Can you believe it? How is it I’ve gone this long without one bottle of Seche Nail Lacquer in my collection?

While perusing my local Ulta I was looking to take advantage of some great BOGOs, use my $5 off coupon along with my points. I’m all about buy one get one free sales. That’s how I collect. I managed to walk away with a bottle of Zoya (the gorgeous jelly, Katherine) and two bottles of Seche for a total of $11!

It was hard to decide which two bottles to purchase from the 2013 Holiday collection, Gracious and Kind. It’s probably a good thing there weren’t more choices. I’m so drawn to reds this season and All Lit Up, seen here, was screaming, “take me home”! She’s a heart-stopping garnet red foil teaming with red shimmer and a dash of gold shimmer. The gold seems to be more evident in the bottle than on the nail. But maybe this is on purpose. Because after the lacquer hits the nail, the result is a rich red foil with TONS of gloss and shine. It is thick but the brush makes it manageable. I felt like I had to work quickly with this because it is on the thick side. And it wants to dry quickly. It does self correct so that’s a relief. Warning, since she does dry to a touchable non-tacky state in short order, you’ll be fooled to thick your mani is immediately invinceable. No, no no! A quick jab from any object will dent this tricky formula so do wait at least 10 minute to dig through your purse. Although it’s glossy as heck, I recommend a topcoat just for preserving her in all her glory.

The other Seche that made the bag is called Collected Moments. I’m a sucker for golden fingertips. This polish is a soft foil gold, neither cool or warm. But just right. I probably have some near dupes but that’s okay. I have many uses for all of them.

Seche’s 2013 Holiday Gracious and Kind collection includes: Warm Hearted, deep red cream; Gracious & Kind, a gold glittered fuchsia shimmer; All Lit Up, a rich garnet shimmer infused with gold; Nostalgic, a sort of warm violet shimmer; Collected Moments, a soft gold foil shimmer; and Sparkle, Clink, Kiss, a shimmery gold with an assortment of reddish pink foil glitters. (It reminds me of Sinful Colors’ Gilded)

What are your experiences with Seche colors? I hear they have good staying power. For me, three days is good enough because I’m constantly changing my mani.

The delicate yet sparkly golden accents you see here are from Zoya’s Tomoko. Sheesh, it’s a good thing I have two bottles of that stuff. I tend to use it a lot!


I love Sparklies!

I love Sparklies!

Well, it’s Mani Mondays again and today’s theme is Sparkle. That’s right up my alley and yes, sometimes a pain to remove but so worth it.

I nearly finished my Christmas shopping today which is why I’m so behind but better late than never. Recently I discovered some pretty sweet textures at Rue21. The brilliant blue is full of glitter and I do mean this baby is packed. The deep royal blue base seems like a jelly to me, and it’s beauty is enhanced by the silver glitter within.

This polish, aptly is aptly named, “Sparkle”. It is pretty thick to apply but you’ll only need two coats. She’s really glossy for a textured lacquer, but I love the results.

The super shiny silver on my accent nail is named “Ice Princess”. Absolutely loaded with multiple sizes of silver glitters, her texture is a lot grittier but it’s blindingly shiney! The Princess is in a clear base and is surprisingly sheer on application. You’ll want three coats alone, or you can get by with one over a metallic silver base.

These Glitter Dusts wear well and are bargain priced at $3.99. However…every time I’ve shopped for polish at Rue21 I’ve picked them up for 2/$5! Not too bad for a full size bottle.

Rue21 also carries some gorgeous jelly and crelly glitter and matte glitter combos. Who can pass up those prices?! If you have a Rue21 at your mall, it’s most definitely worth checking out.


When in Chrome ;-)

When in Chrome

Last week I posted a review about Claire’s amazing duochrome in Chromance. Read it here:

Like it’s blue/purple counterpart, When in Chrome, is a stunning duochrome that shifts from a shimmery medium green to a soft shimmery pink. It’s a very unexpected combination but is quite captivating on the nail. Although it is also labeled as a Holographic, it really isn’t. There are no holographic sparkles either scattered or linear so I would classify this as a mislabel. The Chromance had a trace of holo sparkles.

The formula was smooth, yet sheer on first coat. I used three coats as shown here. Two would have been nearly opaque but I could still see through the free edge. Drying time was fairly quick. I didn’t use a topcoat here but I’d recommend doing so. The more layers of When in Chrome you add, the more striking the color shift. I think this shade would be a brilliant base for any holiday nail art creation! Adding pink accent jewels would really put the icing on this this mani. Not pictured here but for fun I put one coat of China Glaze Travel in Colour over my ring finger for an accent. It’s an iridescent holographic topper that transforms any base color from “meh” to “WOW”! Not that it needed it, but you know how it is. Always trying to glam it up. 😉

Like it? I’d love for you to comment below and let me know your thoughts on duochromes and Claire’s branded polishes.

I bought both bottles at Claires during a BOGO…yay me! LOL And by the way, the butterfly was the perfect prop and it made me think of my new Instagram buddy and fellow polish collector, @thepolishedbutterfly!


“Shimmer” me timbers!

Jennifer from Shimmer Polish

I cannot say enough good things about Shimmer. Cindy from the indie nail polish company, Shimmer Polish, sent me this breathtaking glitter polish from their long line of shimmery lacquers. The California-based founder states on her Etsy site that she loves nail polish and she has an addiction. Boy can I relate to that! Her creations are full of shimmers, glitters and holos enough to please any polish addict. These beauties are named in honor of friends that inspired the virtual rainbow of choices that await you at . From what I read, she is also starting to take custom orders. Imagine having your own shades and combinations for a wedding or any other special event. Brilliant!

The bottle I received today is called Jennifer. I don’t know who you are Jennifer but you must be truly lovely inside and out! Now I am a beach girl from the word, “GO”! For some reason the glitters and sparkle held within this generous bottle of wonder remind me of colors I’ve seen while snorkeling the reefs in the Bahamas. When I pulled out the bottle from the package, I was immediately in love.

The description of this selection is simply, “Light Blue Pastels”. But look closer and you’ll see something more. To begin with, the clear base holds a ton of tiny blue micro glitter, along with what looks to my old eyes, lavender/pink and silver glitters. Then Cindy loaded it down with tiny holo glitters, plus aqua and silver. The crowning touch was the addition of medium size hexis in a gorgeous copper, silver and even black. The black really gives it dimension, and it’s just enough to give it some edge. The copper hexis give this stunner its soft side.

1 Coat over Zoya Julie

I painted one test nail with an undercoat of Zoya’s Julie (a very pale lavender/silver shimmer). It seemed like a good fit. Then I painted one coat, then two over that as you can see in the photos. One thin coat lets anything show through, but it was not hard at all to glide plenty of sparkle over the base color. Then with a second coat, Jennifer was very nearly opaque. Depending on your technique with sparkly lacquers, you could easily get full opacity with 2-3 coats. Even on a bare naked nail as also indicated here. On the naked nail, I used only two coats and I cannot see my nail!

2 coats over Julie

2 Coats on bare nail

2 coats on bare nail in the sun!

I was surprised at how smooth this jewel is after drying, which is about fast to medium time. Cindy suggests using top coat to help protect your Shimmery mani. And believe me, the glossy base is shiny as well. I’m dying to give Karina a go. My goodness, this vampy blingy red is so juicy…well, go over to Shimmer Polish and see!

You can shop for Shimmer Polish at these sites: for blog for giveaways for store

At this time, the .5 fl oz bottles are $12ea and customs are $15ea. And she takes Paypal, Perfect!

Just in time for Christmas, you’ll definitely want to head over to shop for that special someone. Anyone on your list that loves to get their “shimmer” on, would love a bottle or three of Shimmer Polishes!

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