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Sparkle 'n Shine!

I finally got around to using my two newest and surely to be some of my favorite lacquers today. At my daughter’s urging, and after seeing so many great reviews, I bought China Glaze Ruby Pumps. It’s simply mesmerizing. I need to retake some photos with my good camera and not my iPhone. But I wanted to get this posted ASAP. The photo cannot do this mani justice. The depth of sparkle in Ruby Pumps is sheer genius. This red jelly is loaded with red glitters…like super smooth glitter. Application of this formula is so easy you’ll have to pinch yourself. And to compliment this gorgeous red mani, I used one of Zoya’s best gold foil shimmers, in Kerry. Then I then added a bit more bling by topping off Kerry with a dab of Northern Lights Topcoat and a touch of China Glaze Lush and Luxe holographic flaky topcoat. You can’t get much blingier than that.

I wanted this manicure to last all weekend, and I’ve been really intrigued by American Classic’s Gelous. I coated my bare nail. Then color, then Gelous, then color, then Gelous! It dried so fast it really was easy. The payoff is a super strong, super bonded mani with tons of shine. I’d say my nails are iron clad for the next week. I wanted my 10 to shout “Christmas” at this weekend’s town square Christmas lighting in Fayetteville. I think I’ve accomplished my goal. What do you think? Please comment and let me know how you wear your Ruby Pumps! And I promise, better photos to come!


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