Colorizing your world, one digit at a time

Bravo Trio!

It’s kismet, fate, serendipity! Three different brands, playing along superbly. Here are some recent purchases that found their way onto my fingers today.

Within minutes of the quick drying time of Revlon’s Parfumarie in Moonlit Woods, the fragrance hit my nose like a soft breeze. A delicious mix of delicate wildflowers and vanilla, this dusty lavender paint was the perfect pairing for what ended up on my accent nail.

I used one coat of my new Ziv from Zoya. Then topped it with my newly acquired Essie (Bulgaria Collection) in “On A Silver Platter”. It’s slightly textured. Not as in-your-face textured as some other brands. Violet holo and antique silver glitters are scattered throughout the pearly gold base. It can be used alone with two coats, but I chose Ziv to really make this mani pop.

I’ll be using this mani for my Mani Mondays on Facebook shot next week! These lacquers all have amazing longevity, even with all the torture I put them through. It’s always bittersweet changing colors. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s got to do!


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