Colorizing your world, one digit at a time

Oops, I did it again

Okay, maybe I was bored, but I spent a good part of the day lacquer shopping. After buying Revlon’s Autumn Spice from the new Parfumerie collection, I began a wish list of bottles I wanted. This is just a start! I’m not terribly interested right now in any of the pastels. Afterall, it IS fall! I’d already posted a photo (without swatch as yet) of the aforementioned color. But I wanted to share with you what I have so far. I bought all of these at Walmart @ $4.97 ea. (they’ve not yet arrived at all WMs). As I wear them I’ll be updating this blog with photos.

From left:
Bordeaux, a mix of berrylicious wine with vanilla notes. At least that’s what my nose tells me. The velvetly deep, cool-toned red is reminiscent of a fine red wine.

Autumn Spice, a blend of spices you might find in pumpkin pie along with warm vanilla, and a hint of woodsiness, like you’d find in men’s cologne. Mmmm! The mix of superfine crushed chromey glitter shimmer in a burgundy/brown base is highly pigmented.

Wild Violets. This one is tough for me describe after only swatching one of my polish journal pages. I think it will smell even more intense on my nails. Side note, I heard on the Internet, “they wouldn’t put anything on the Internet that isn’t true!”, lol, that should the parfumes of these fade a bit, a fresh coat of topcoat will reactivate the scents. I guess I don’t know what Violets smell like, let alone wild ones. But it’s a deep, rich floral, almost buttery. I think it’s bound to be one of my faves. The color is a mix of creme and jelly, and a perfectly deep plum for this time of year.

Last but not least, Italian Leather. (Don’t ask me the difference in regional leathers. I think it’s a marketing strategy!) I’ve strayed onto the dark side! I rarely buy browns or mucky greens. But, this one pulled me in with merely the name. Back in the day, oops I’m dating myself here, my dad wore English Leather cologne. So I figured that smell would be sort of sentimental for me. It goes beyond leather though, and it’s not as spicey as EL, but warmer with a hint of chocolate, maybe white chocolate? So then after I got to looking at swatches on Youtube, I was all, “…oh yeah, I’m all about that!” The brownish mossy green has veins of gold shimmer running through it and that alone makes it perfect in my book. I’d never wear this on my toes. I’m just funny about greens or yellows on my toes. I can’t explain it. LOL But, this one just screams November!

I’m predicting my next purchases in this fabulous line will be Wintermint (the Deborah Lippmann color dupe); Surf Spray; and Moonlit Woods…for a start. I’m SO hooked. Have any of you started picking these up?


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