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Oddball bargains

Yesterday seemed to be “bargain day” for me! BOGOs, 20% off coupons, clearance and some just plain cheap polishes. Yea me!

Okay, you see those two red jellies with red shimmer glitters? The cheapo but always reliable NYC Long Wearing polish in Broadway Burgundy Frost (no, sorry NYC, this is not a frost, lol) looks so similar to China Glaze Ruby Pumps one would gasp at them side by side. Likewise, the cute little blushing snowman I picked up at Sally Beauty supply for $2, I CANNOT tell the difference, at all, to CG’s red showstopper. Now, that is just on the face of things. They may perform differently once on the nail. Who knows. I’ll do a nail comparison and we will see who wins. Either way, all gorgeous.

In back are my Sally Hansen steals for $1.29 ea at Ulta. There were a couple other colors I put back on the sale shelf. Stupid huh? I swatched these on my polish journal (that tutorial is forthcoming) and ooh lala!

The light green is called No S-Pear Time. Heh, weird name, devastatingly divine metallic green with silver micro glitter. The teal/oceany blue-green called Jet Set Jade is also metallic. Jade? I used to have a Jade ring and it wasn’t anywhere near this color. But this lacquer is so pretty, I don’t care what they call it. At least in the bottle, it’s a duo-metallic with what looks like a black glitter along with silver, or maybe deep blue. I don’t know but laudy, it’s a stunner.

Last find at Sally’s was a clearance bottle at $2.99 from the Finger Paints brand, and my first. The deep blue jelly base is teaming with various blue micro glitter. But not as much as it could be. I’m predicting this will not stand alone and FP should have packed in more glitter here, but maybe they planned it that way. To wear it alone, I’d say minimum of three coats. But I plan to paint it over deep blues and blacks already in my collection.


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