Colorizing your world, one digit at a time

My CG finds

Okay, my eyes “Glazed” over with these beauties. I’m a sucker for sparkle and deep rich tones.

From left:
The holographic mylar in Luxe and Lush just makes you think of Christmas ornaments, snow and angels. It’s sure to be a great topper with it’s clear base and multi-colored opal flakes.

Thanks to my daughter, Christen, who says Ruby Pumps is hands down China Glaze’s best color, I caved yesterday and bought it. Oh yes, this one is primo and will surely be sitting on my fingers come holiday time. Oh, and guess what? I’m about to show you a couple of CHEAP, near perfect dupes. But read on.

Liquid Crystal is one of three (that I found at Sally Beauty) glitters that are heavily loaded with multiple sizes of fine to medium glitters. It looks like two-three coats can stand alone with this one. LC’s primary glitter is blue in a clear base, accompanied by teal, pink, silver and oranged glitters, with micro holo glitters. The other two I left on the shelf (I’m not made of money) were pink themed and lavendar themed.

The non-glitter selection I made yesterday was this DEEEP plumy jelly called Evening Seduction. Yes, it seduced me, obviously. 😉

So there you have it. A good haul of CGs considering my other purchases the same day. So many beauties, so few digits.


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