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Smell my nails

Okay, believe the hype! The brand new collection of polishes from Revlon, called Parfumerie, smell divine. I was not wanting to believe that a polish that smells quite frankly, like polish in the bottle, could dry to such a fragrant delight. But these do. Here is my first bottle, of many I’m predicting. Autumn spice is like a spicy mix, much like you’d find in a delicious fall candle. YOU try to not go about smelling your fingers in public. Haha. And here’s a weird thought, what will be the results of wearing them on your toes?

I’ll post a pic of this one on my nails sometime this week. When I go back to Walmart where I found this, I’m picking up Italian Leather, which from reports on YouTube smells like a mix of leather and chocolate. And maybe the Wintermint (a dupe for Deborah Lippmann shade, which I cannot afford). I’ve also got my eye on the Wild Violets, a deep violet purple. So, any of you gals tried these? Love ‘em, or meh? Fragrant, check. High pigment, check. Long lasting, check. What’s not to love?!


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