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Can’t Let Go of OPI!

Can't Let Go of OPI!

Ahh, shades of purple…I just can’t let go! The marriage of Mariah Carey and OPI just keeps getting better and better. Here you see the dark purple textured polish with reflective glitter and small purple hexigons. The combo needs no top coat because it shines on it’s own. The formula went on perfectly, one coat and the sparkle is truly unique. This lacquer is like the rest of the Liquid Sand line. It’s tougher than nails and delivers bling like nobody’s business.


Alcatraz…Rocks by OPI

Alcatraz...Rocks by OPI

OPI really outdid themselves with the 2013 San Francisco Liquid Sand Collection. I’ve been slowly collecting textured polishes and basically jumping from one brand to another. After seeing countless manicures with this glitzy glitter, I dove in and I’m not sorry!

A…R is a nicely textured polish, not snaggy and overly gritty. In other words, it won’t catch in your hair or on your sweater 😉 The smokey purple base is full of shimmer and almost holographic micro glitter. It went on fairly thick but easy. One coat and you’re done! That’s a fast mani.

At this posting, I only own two other Liquid Sand polishes and this is the first one I’ve tried on.

One bottle, The Impossible, I got for a song on eBay. It’s a gorgeous color and I’ll be posting my review here when I can. I will, however, be leaving off the small smattering of stars held within. Those in my opinion just don’t belong in there. They can tend to snag anyway.

The other one is Can’t Let Go. My goodness, it’s such a pretty purple. Can you tell I’m a sucker for all that grapey goodness? LOL I can’t wait to test drive that one.

By the way, I had picked up Stay The Night at Ulta the other day, then took it right back. Ugh, sorry, but I saw swatches and manis of this stuff and it was bugly! Like someone stuck their fingers into black lava dirt with a few red glitters attached. I told the girl at the counter, too bad it’s prettier in the bottle than on the nail. I should have looked at swatches first. At any rate, Alcatraz…Rocks was my trade and I’m elated.

Naturally, I’ve got several lacquers in my sights, but maybe in another haul. After all, Christmas shopping is around the corner and I have to have SOMETHING to put on my list for Santa! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. New posts to come…after all the leftovers are gone.


Thankful for the Inferno!


Thanksgiving! I had so many directions I could go for Mani Mondays. AND, I’m a day late. Since we went to go see Hunger Games Catching Fire, I opted to use Inferno. I love the Cover Girl Glosstinis and their Hunger Games collection is really pretty. Since Inferno is a very vibrant gold/orange duoglitter, I thought it to be a perfect solution. And I wore a burnt orange turtleneck! lol

The application was smooth as silk and I love the shine. It was sort of awkward using the square brush top, but I quickly adapted. My accent nail is topped with Pure Ice in Endless Fortune, for that extra flash. This is to be my Thanksgiving mani because I just love the coppery glow. It’s like a warm fire.

Hunger Games Catching Fire was really good. I thought better than the first one. Have you gals seen it?


Orly Miss Conduct…Nice!

Orly Miss Conduct...Nice!

Orly knows how to do scattered holographic lacquers! I’m drawn to holos like a moth to a flame. Linear or scattered, I’m hooked. Miss Conduct is from Orly’s 2012 Naughty or Nice Collection and is the newest addition to my Orly basket. She is best described as a medium magenta base teaming with scattered holographic micro glitters. It isn’t sheer either. I guarantee when you wear it, even strangers will compliment you! You can easily get away with one coat of this stunner. It’s no wonder I had trouble finding this pink wonder. If you love holos as much as I do, you’ll want this in your collection.

My Orly collection is growing and every bottle I’ve tried, never disappoints. This company really thinks outside the box when it comes to color, texture and quality. Let me tell you, other than resorting to buying direct from Orly’s web site, which in my opinion needs some fine tuning. It isn’t very tablet friendly. So finding Miss Conduct had become a mission. Read on…

I first saw live swatches of Miss Conduct on a YouTube channel. Masha Twos-Ruse is all about makeup, lacquers and everything girly. She has so much enthusiasm, and I just love her videos. So thank you Masha for bringing this polish to my attention!

After hunting all our local stores that sell Orly polishes, I finally turned to eBay. I’d even sought this gorgeous paint while on vacation in Florida…no success. Then I found Judy (user name fmrpanamfa and seller since 2000) and she is an amazing EBay seller, enjoying a 100% Feedback rating among her happy buyers. She is simply the greatest communicator of all the sellers I’ve encountered. She is definitely on my list of favorites. Check her out folks 🙂 Thank you Judy!


Sparkle ‘n Shine!

Sparkle 'n Shine!

I finally got around to using my two newest and surely to be some of my favorite lacquers today. At my daughter’s urging, and after seeing so many great reviews, I bought China Glaze Ruby Pumps. It’s simply mesmerizing. I need to retake some photos with my good camera and not my iPhone. But I wanted to get this posted ASAP. The photo cannot do this mani justice. The depth of sparkle in Ruby Pumps is sheer genius. This red jelly is loaded with red glitters…like super smooth glitter. Application of this formula is so easy you’ll have to pinch yourself. And to compliment this gorgeous red mani, I used one of Zoya’s best gold foil shimmers, in Kerry. Then I then added a bit more bling by topping off Kerry with a dab of Northern Lights Topcoat and a touch of China Glaze Lush and Luxe holographic flaky topcoat. You can’t get much blingier than that.

I wanted this manicure to last all weekend, and I’ve been really intrigued by American Classic’s Gelous. I coated my bare nail. Then color, then Gelous, then color, then Gelous! It dried so fast it really was easy. The payoff is a super strong, super bonded mani with tons of shine. I’d say my nails are iron clad for the next week. I wanted my 10 to shout “Christmas” at this weekend’s town square Christmas lighting in Fayetteville. I think I’ve accomplished my goal. What do you think? Please comment and let me know how you wear your Ruby Pumps! And I promise, better photos to come!


It’s a green kind of day

It’s Mani Monday gals! My Monday’s mani just had to be my new Zoya Pixie Dust in Chita, accented by a gorgeous Pixie Dust in Tomoko. What an amazing combo…like they were meant for each other. Tomoko is such an elegant gold and it will be a mainstay for many accent nails to come. Chita is a rich foresty green with a plethora of golden (at least it seems that way to me) glitters. Maybe they are silver, but either way, I’m so in love with this lacquer, I think I’ll leave it on most of the week. Of course, I wanted you to see it kissed by the sun. However it shines like diamonds indoors as well. One thing is for sure, I have no doubt it won’t even chip. This stuff is amazing!


Bravo Trio!

Bravo Trio!

It’s kismet, fate, serendipity! Three different brands, playing along superbly. Here are some recent purchases that found their way onto my fingers today.

Within minutes of the quick drying time of Revlon’s Parfumarie in Moonlit Woods, the fragrance hit my nose like a soft breeze. A delicious mix of delicate wildflowers and vanilla, this dusty lavender paint was the perfect pairing for what ended up on my accent nail.

I used one coat of my new Ziv from Zoya. Then topped it with my newly acquired Essie (Bulgaria Collection) in “On A Silver Platter”. It’s slightly textured. Not as in-your-face textured as some other brands. Violet holo and antique silver glitters are scattered throughout the pearly gold base. It can be used alone with two coats, but I chose Ziv to really make this mani pop.

I’ll be using this mani for my Mani Mondays on Facebook shot next week! These lacquers all have amazing longevity, even with all the torture I put them through. It’s always bittersweet changing colors. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s got to do!

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